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A mother is born

When a baby is born, the structure of the mother’s brain changes. We do not “bounce back to our normal old self.”  We are new.

Women have a beautiful opportunity to reinvent themselves as “mother.”  

There are many layers to process as we transition into motherhood. It takes time to adjust. The hospital can tell you how many wet diapers a baby needs or tips for breastfeeding, but there is a much deeper level of preparation available.  

The 4th Trimester

The time immediately following birth (often the first 40 days) is known as the 4th trimester. During this time our bodies are recovering physically from giving birth — and emotionally from the overwhelming amount of love, fear, and exhaustion swirling inside our hormone saturated brains.

Like many pregnant women, I prepared for life up until labor.  I saw “birth” as the end. But I was completely unprepared for life after birth.


This period is also called “postpartum.” But ladies let me tell you, postpartum is the rest of your life!

In many countries postpartum care is essential to the planning and welcoming of a new baby. Women receive a full year of paid maternity leave and partners are often given 6 months. Cultures who provide this time are making a clear statement about the value of family. They acknowledge the enormous amount of energy required to make the shift from adulthood to parenthood, and provide the new family with time to prepare, adjust and transition.

Unfortunately in the U.S., many new families aren’t given the time they need. Women struggle with the length of their maternity leave, or are forced to take unpaid time off. Partners often get less than two weeks. Women feel pressure to get back to her “normal/old life” without realizing that life is behind her.  

You are mother now. There’s no old life to get back to. A new life has begun.

Post-birth is the beginning of your forever journey. The birth of a mother is often times more intense than childbirth, but we don’t talk about it.
Until now. I am here to help you prepare.  


creating space for motherhood

Our society doesn’t hold space for women during this sacred time. There is so much beauty, strength, womanhood and love that can fill a pregnancy, birth day and the after care of women. When we deem ourselves worthy of slowing down, we are able to truly savor the miracle of LIFE that we have created. When we have access to the information and resources we need, we are able to better prepare ourselves for this life changing transition.