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Pre-Natal & Postpartum Support


Building a community of women united in health and love, exploring the many joys and challenges of womanhood, motherhood, and heart. 



Prenatal Care & Birth Preference Plans
Postpartum Care
Private and Small-Group Prenatal Yoga
Meditation and Mindfulness Practices


Healthy Eating for Every Trimester
Postpartum Nutrition
Realistic Meal Planning for Mom-Life
Tips on Baby Led Weaning


creating space for motherhood

Our society doesn’t hold space for women during this sacred time. There is so much beauty, strength, womanhood and love that can fill a pregnancy, birth day and the after care of women. When we deem ourselves worthy of slowing down, we are able to truly savor the miracle of LIFE being created within us. When we have access to the information and resources we need, we are able to make more conscious choices about how our baby enters the world, how we care for him, and how we nurture ourselves.


Mamistad Mamis

BeHealthLove partners with Mamistad to offer special pricing on classes and workshops for Mamistad members.

Founder, Cynthia created Mamistad to help connect moms-to-be. The community has grown to over 1,800 mothers, providing support groups and veteran advice to first-time mamis. Groups are organized by location, linking working or stay-at-home mamis with due-dates within three months of each other.  Angela, from Be Health Love, adds prenatal and postpartum yoga, nutrition support and prenatal information to enhance your Mami gatherings.  With these two organizations teamed up, you're bound to feel prepared, supported, heard and loved during your pregnancy and beyond! 

Please check out their website to learn more about this beautiful network of women.