It’s an honor to serve and empower women.

Here are what a few beautiful beings have said about our work together.


Sandy R. (private prenatal yoga)

“The compassion you show in your instruction is contagious. I can’t thank you enough for guiding me through my Kundalini practice throughout my pregnancy. I have never felt more connected to my mind, body and soul. I have a lot of this due to our weekly sessions and your kindred spirit! I have loved hearing about your journey through childbirth and motherhood. I have learned so much from you…the biggest lesson being…finding confidence in my beautiful, bountiful, and blissful body for childbirth and motherhood. I will miss our sessions, but also feel equipped to continue my practice on my own. Thank you for your friendship, guidance and love.”

Jessica V. (pregnancy support)

“Thank you for your support and encouragement these past several months. I am so happy we met and incredibly grateful for your experience and guidance through this process. It has certainly been a process! There’s been a huge learning curve and I needed your reminders to be gentle with myself. Things haven’t worked out the way I envisioned but you’ve continued to point out the things I can control and the way I react to those “set-backs.” You’ve helped me to “accept the things I cannot change.” I know in the end it won’t matter how baby gets here—just that he or she arrives safely. Thank you for helping me stay focused on the end goal—a happy, healthy mom and baby. I’m grateful to have you as a friend and resource. See you soon with baby in tow!”

JJ pregnant.jpg


Angela M. (mother blessing)

“My dearest Ange,
How can I even begin to thank you for everything you did for me this weekend? I’m still glowing at the memory of it, and I’m just so very honored for all of the love I received from all of you (my tribe). The birth blessing that you created was perfect and those moments will carry me through the next few months and beyond. The bracelet is perfect and I already know the strength it will give me during labor and beyond. It has been a long journey to get to this place and I couldn’t have imagined traveling it without you by my side. I always thought my dearest friendships would be with the people I’ve known the longest, but our friendship has proven it’s not the amount of time you know someone, but the journey you share, whenever it starts. I am so grateful that we get to journey together. I love the woman you are, the one you’ve helped me become, all that you’ve taught me and all of the memories we have left to create. Thank you for everything!!!

Amy B. (made for Greatness program)

“Angela is truly a guiding light. Her coaching and her program are a powerful combination that will help you create a more intentional, productive, and happy life. The impactful changes that you experience during the program trickle into all areas of your life create a transformational experience.
I started this program thinking about all of the goals I wanted to accomplish, all of the outcomes I wanted, the changes I wanted to make, and tasks I wanted to complete… and honestly I was completely overwhelmed. Angela quickly helped me realize that the way I was organizing my day, life and time didn’t allow any space to accomplish the lofty goals I had created. She helped me create space in my life, rework my current patterns, change my habits, remove habits that were not working for me or serving me, and really rethink how I approach each day. I am now on SUCH a better path and can actually see the end goals I created heading my way.
Figuring out what you “want” is one thing that Angela helps you with – in life, in your career, in your relationships. But then helping you create a path to get to what you want is a whole other thing that Angela assists with, supports you in, and wholeheartedly encourages you to do. That path was initially full of speed bumps and roadblocks when I began this program and Angela helped me remove obstacles week by week, through her guidance and through the work we did in the program, so that I could work towards achieving my actual goals.
I honestly can’t say enough about this program and about Angela. I will continue to use the tools and skills I learned throughout this experience for the rest my life.”

amy bonsiero.jpeg


Shannon P. (self-care presentation)

“Dear Angela,
Thank you for so much for leading such a relaxing meeting for Self-Care (let’s do this every year, okay?) Your wisdom and guidance gave us all so much to think about, especially in regards to making and holding time for ourselves as if it’s as important as appointments for our children (because it is!) Everyone loved the stations and the great journals and positive pencils you offered, as well as the painted rocks (with affirmations) where we could focus our intentions. I look at mine many times every day — it sits next to my water kettle in the kitchen — and am grateful for you when I see it because I am reminded to prioritize myself and re-focus on my goal to be more organized with my time.
We appreciate you!”


jodie f. (Made for greatness program)


The time I’ve spent with you has been an incredible journey getting to know who you really are. I have never met someone like you in my entire life. Your heart is enormous and is made of gold. Your mind is clear and always ready with a response that makes sense to me. Your body is always and to lend an open, listening ear. Your energy is positive, non-judgemental and extremely uplifting. I am truly grateful I met you. You will forever have a special place in my heart. You have helped me see I am a better person that I ever thought I would be. Thank you for sharing and creating this incredible experience. Good luck to you on your next adventures and giving many women the pleasure of having you in their lives.”