Self-care is not a luxury.
It is a necessity.  

As mothers, we are quite literally pouring our life-force into our children. Without end, we give our time, our energy, our sleep. Throughout the day, without even noticing it, we absorb our baby’s every emotion.  Every cry, every giggle, every step, every fall.

But what are you filling back up with? You can only pour out so much of yourself —  eventually, there will be nothing left in your vase.

Instead of an empty vase, let’s change the narrative; fill your vase first. The best time to build a conscious self-care routine is during pregnancy, but if you’re past pregnancy, it is not too late to recognize the importance of putting yourself first. Every woman’s situation and needs are different. I will work with you to build an individual plan that works for your life no matter how old your babies are.


I don't believe there's a "right" way to birth your child. I do believe that every woman deserves the right to ask questions; that she be given the information she needs to make informed decisions for herself, her baby and her family; that she feel supported and encouraged to speak up.

In our healthcare system, you have to be your own advocate. If we want to change the extremely high cesarean rate in this country and lower maternal mortality, women need to do more than attend her scheduled appointments. NO ONE knows your body or your baby better than YOU. It is important to know your health history and advocate for what feels right to you. Trust your instinct. If your doctor ever says or does something that doesn't resonate with you, it is your RIGHT to ask questions or find a practitioner that supports you.

Empower yourself with wisdom.

There’s a difference between information and wisdom. We have plenty of information (thanks Google) but we lack wisdom to give it context. We often live far from our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and cousins. Since we don’t have our tribe of women, we start trusting the internet’s plethora of information over our own intuition.

Be Health Love will gladly share trusted human sources and well-researched literature to help you prepare for your journey to motherhood.


Postpartum usually refers to the first few weeks immediately after birth, but the reality is that this is the rest of a woman’s life after she becomes a mother. Be Health Love feels passionately about supporting mothers, no matter how old her children are because we are always in need of love and community.

When we don’t experience the love and support of our community in the first 40 days, women often feel pressured to get back to their normal routine much sooner than her body is ready for. Mothers are juggling household chores while trying to stay on top of her career. A daily self-care routine is the easiest thing for a mother to take off her ‘to do list.’ What mothers don’t realize is that negligence to self comes at a hefty price. It can leave mothers depleted and unhappy. We need to fill our vases up, Mamas. It will make ALL the difference for you and therefore your family!

Learn The Facts.

The lack of postpartum support in this country has resulted in the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world. NPR and ProPublica conducted a six-month-long investigation on maternal mortality in the U.S. and found that “more American women are dying of pregnancy-related complications than any other developed country. Only in the U.S. has the rate of women who die been rising.”

Our hospital systems are so focused on caring for babies that the mothers are often ignored. This disparate reality means that you must take your postpartum care into your own hands.

You are going to make mistakes as a mother, that is how you learn. You are not perfect but you are exactly the mother your baby needs. You have ALL the answers you need for this child within you. Be Health Love provides loving support to help you discover and listen to your inner knowledge.

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4th Trimester Workshop with colleague, Khayt Desai-Seltzer i of Vyana Infant Massage

4th Trimester Workshop with colleague, Khayt Desai-Seltzer i of Vyana Infant Massage

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