About Angela


Labor was the most empowering experience of my life. I felt like an invincible badass after birthing my first. Throughout the pregnancy, I learned as much as I could about my options. I trusted my gut, then researched what resonated with me to make informed decisions for myself, my baby and my family. With everything I learned, I felt confident and ready to be a mom.

But I wasn’t ready. I had focused on getting through labor without realizing birthing my baby was only the BEGINNING of the rest of my life. Childbirth is a ’moment’ compared to motherhood. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know what the “4th trimester” was. I didn’t know the first 40 days impacts your next 40 years. I drowned. I was afraid to fail and make mistakes…and I felt like that was all I was doing. Mistake after mistake.

I was bored, I was angry, I felt alone and isolated. I watched my husband leave for work and thought “you’re free” every day for months. I thought I was just having a hard time adjusting to motherhood. I thought it was normal. I didn’t know I had postpartum depression. I just felt so alone.

For four years of mothering, I slowly lost more and more of myself. I didn’t prioritize self-care. I birthed two more beautiful, healthy babies. I didn’t have postpartum depression again, but I struggled to find balance because I was giving all of myself away.

In 2015, I went to a yoga class. The teacher said “It takes 10,000 hours to master something.” She could see me tearing up, feeling like a failure because I wasn’t the mother I thought I would be. The teacher said, “but you’ll never master motherhood because your baby is constantly changing”. There was comfort in her words. I wasn’t going to become a better mother by giving all of myself away. I needed to find myself again and figure out who I was as ‘mother.’ Subconsciously I fought against it, wanting to go back to being my old self. But there was no going back. Time for a better me :)

Finally, I have learned how best to care for my self, so that I can best take care of my family. After years of struggling, I finally have balance...most of the time.

Today I work to empower pregnant women and moms by educating them on the 4th trimester and postpartum.

I see mothers struggling ALL.THE.TIME. Women are hiding in their houses, overwhelmed, exhausted, resentful of their partners, stressed with their kids, and isolated. They think they’re alone. They think everyone else has it together. They beat themselves up and suffer quietly. There is no need for us to suffer. We all have struggles, regardless of what people’s lives look like on Facebook and Instagram.

I built Be Health Love to serve as a beacon of light for all the courageous mothers out there. Shine Bright, mama. You were made for greatness.


Be Health Love: Creating Community

Be Health Love creates safe spaces for mothers to come together and share in the strength and wisdom of other women. Together, we are reviving the communities that have nurtured generations of healthy mothers and children before us. Through access to education, resources, and real-life experience Be Health Love empowers women to trust their intuition.   

Ladies, we need each other. In order to be our best, healthiest, happiest self, we must learn to lean on one another and learn from one another. In this community, we graciously receive love and help when others offer, knowing that we will return it when we're able.

Thank you for being here. You’ve already taken an important first step. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Be health, Love



200-hour RYT yoga teacher certification (2015)
85 hour Khalsa Way Certified Prenatal Teacher (2016)
Holistic Health Coach Certification (2017)
Postpartum Doula Certification (2019)

Angela, Mateo (2), Jeff, Luca (6), Michaela (8)

Angela, Mateo (2), Jeff, Luca (6), Michaela (8)

Luca (6), Michaela (8),Mateo (2) (bag from Luna Blu Mar—cute clothes and baby stuff!)

Luca (6), Michaela (8),Mateo (2) (bag from Luna Blu Mar—cute clothes and baby stuff!)

Me and my babies :)